Report from August trip to Senegal: Part 2
Sep 10, 2015

We at AFLK are always trying to think of new ways in which we can help people improve their access to healthcare, and so their health and well-being, in the Tambacounda region. One of our goals is to bring health specialists to the region so that they can share their expertise with the local doctors and nurses.

In August, we were joined by Paris-based physical therapist and professional masseur Alexandre Guillaumin, who traveled to Sinthian to train Dr. Magueye Ba in basic physical therapy techniques, and to treat patients suffering from musculoskeletal problems. Alex is a longtime friend of AFLK who has visited Sinthian twice before, and on a prior visit, he and Dr. Ba had discussed the idea of Alex returning to work in the local clinics.

“During my other two visits to Sinthian, I used several different massage techniques on Dr. Ba, who, because of his work, had back problems,” Alex said. “Because of that, Dr. Ba asked me if we could organize some open hours at the Sinthian medical clinic, during which I could use similar techniques to treat some of his patients, because there are no physical therapists or specialists in musculoskeletal problems in the Tambacounda region,” Alex added.

“Over five days, I worked in the medical centers of Bala, Fass and Sinthian, seeing about two dozen patients. Most of these patients were suffering from chronic lower back pain as a result of working long hours in the fields or the banana plantations, and being bent over most of the time. While I treated these patients, I also trained Dr. Ba in a few techniques that he could use on his own to treat these conditions,” Alex said.

In addition to showing Dr. Ba specific procedures he could use to treat patients, Alex also provided patients with stretching regimens they could perform on their own in order to alleviate their conditions. Alex will be returning to Sinthian once per year to continue working with Dr. Ba.

Thanks, Alex!