Mosquito Nets to Provide Malaria Protection at St. Anne’s School
Jan 24, 2015

AFLK recently awarded a grant of $10,000 to Saint Anne’s school in Thies, an hour south of Dakar, to pay for the installation of mosquito netting and louver slats on their windows as well as fans for all of the classrooms. Before this grant, the students at Saint Anne’s had two choices: sit in a closed classroom in the sweltering African sun with temperatures that more often than not reach well beyond 100 degrees, or open the windows to allow a bit of airflow and battle the barrage of malaria-carrying mosquitos.

With this grant, nets dipped in mosquito deterrent and fans that help to circulate cool fresh air protect them. Students are now able to concentrate on what is most important: their education. A child dies every minute in Africa from malaria. Nets are the number one way to protect them.